Banyuwangi’s Hidden Beautiful Beaches

Parang Ireng. The shore of Parang Ireng has the unique personality seen from above the beach. After trekking throughout the lush rainforest, you’ll set foot on pepper like the sandy shore, where your steps will sink. What you greet on the left side is a very clear beach with whispering blue waves. While on your right is a stunning coral and rock formations, abundant in colors of black, green and a reddish tint. A big black rock believed as frozen lava has caused locals to call this location Parang Ireng or Black Reef. The combined panorama gives you that otherworldly sensation.


There are no clear signs to specify this location, so you should ask around for leadership to locals or the National Park’s officer. The way get here: from Rogoampi at Banyuwangi Beautiful Beaches, carries on into Srono Muncar and Tegaldimo for approximately 2 hours. From Tegaldimo it’s another one hour drive before you arrive at the entry into the Alas Purwo National Park. Plengkung Beach or G land. Internationally known as G land, the Plengkung beach is nestled in the Alas Purwo National Park. It’s a surfer’s paradise which has earned its popularity like the seven giant waves Wonder, is a set of big rolls of waves around six meters tall, the perfect of all professional surfers.

The letter G stands for Grajagan, the name of the bay where the big waves could be contested due south of Banyuwangi city. The beach lies around this specific beach has to be ventured by professionals only border of dense rainforest, also gives this particular beach has to be staked by professionals just abilities. Because of its dangers, surfing a keen surfer, indeed. There’s also a surfer camp for the visitor. However, if you’re not intrigued a keen surfer, indeed the character and its wonders with humanity through the game a keen surfer, indeed. How to get here. If you’re a keen surfer, indeed the most straightforward way is from Bali, because Information can be obtained at surf companies in Bali.

Information can be obtained at surf companies in Bali. But, you may also try the overland route, which can be more rigorous. Rent an automobile or take public transportation from Banyuwangi to Kalipahit, take an alternate route o from Banyuwangi Benculuk and by ojek or lease a car, Pasaranyar Trianggulasi, Trianggulasi Pancur Plengkung/G Land. Or you could take an alternative route o from Banyuwangi Benculuk by bus, Benculuk Grajagan by bus or public transport, then Grajagan Plengkung by speedboat.