Best Tourist Places in Medan

Who doesn’t know Best Tourist Places in Medan City? Yes, the town which became the birthplace of a series of artists”Capital City” has a number of attractions which are so beautiful to visit.
1. Want Photos with Primates? Dateng Aja to Bukit Lawang!
Bukit Lawang is a must-visit favorite spot to go for you to visit. Why? Since here you might take pictures with a couple tame and adorable primates. Additionally, this attraction for tourist located in Leuser Park – North Sumatra can also be utilized as a location for orangutan breeding. So don’t be shocked if there are loads of international tourists who’re willing to come from a foreign nation far away. How come you would like to lose to Caucasians?

2. The beauty of Lake Toba if seen from the village of Tongging
Tongging Village is situated at the coasts of Lake Toba. From the corner of this village you will enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba full with mountains surrounding it. To proceed to Tongging Village, then you can just push your vehicle towards the Lake Toba attraction for tourist. In case you’ve entered the tourist region, you simply ask the natives. And remember, never be ashamed to ask. Since, as the saying goes”Shame to ask, go astray on the road!”
Well, what kind of things could you do in this location? The answer is, you may do everything. For Example, take selfies, unwind on the coasts of Lake Toba, or see sunrise and sunset.lage, All Aja Mlipir to Sipiso-Piso Waterfall Tourism Object
Sipiso-Piso Waterfall tourism object is located in a strategic location, which is near the attractions of Lake Toba. In addition to having the ability to see the waterfall that is so magnificent, you might also take benefit of this thrilling moment to take selfies with a backdrop view of Lake Toba. The problem is, the location of those attractions is in the height of the hill located east of Lake Toba. Sipiso-Piso waterfall has a height of about 100 meters and is encompassed by steep cliffs which are very beautiful when viewed.
Well, for people who’ve a photographer’s hobby, this location also provides a number of places that can not be missed from your camera shots. Therefore, if you wish to see your shots known to a lot of individuals, then you must be very obliged to put this location in your trip list.

4. Visit the Two-Color Waterfall that is second to none
Why is it called Two-Color Waterfall? Since indeed, this waterfall has two colors that may invite admiration, namely green and blue. For people who’ve just come to this location for the very first time, we guarantee that, surely you’ll be amazed and feel at ease instantly.