Blue Trust Loans Pay For Small Home Improvement Projects

In Wisconsin, home improvement projects add value to residential properties. To complete the projects, homeowners need fast cash to cover all related costs. The type of home improvement project defines the full cost of the project. A local lender offers short-term lending opportunities for homeowners to complete the projects.

Installing a Better Door

Updating an entry door lowers energy costs, heightens security, and improves the aesthetics of the property. The homeowner consults their lender and determines the highest short-term loan value available to them.

On average, entry door installations range from $500 to $1,300. The homeowner must select a door and locking mechanism based on the most affordable loan product. The lender provides a loan contract for the short-term lending option and payment requirements.

Installing New Windows

Homeowners with a limited budget install one window at a time. The highest average cost of the installations is $700 for each window. The short-term lender provides financing for the home improvement project. The homeowner has the option to increase the loan value over time and install new windows throughout their home.

Redecorating a Living Space

When redecorating the home, the homeowner includes a list of all necessary changes. The updates include paint, new draperies, flooring, and lighting fixtures. The total cost of each product and installation determines the loan value that the owner needs. A short-term lender reviews their application and offers a loan based on the available funds.

Installing Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a viable choice for improving the home. The products lower energy consumption and make living spaces cooler in the summer. Installation services include lighting fixtures with the fan installations. Homeowners who want to take on the task use their estimate to identify the appropriate short-term loan. Lenders offer the short-term financing options in less than two days.

In Wisconsin, home improvement projects are a guarantees way to increase the property’s value. The projects don’t require extensive changes, but they offer modifications that make the home more enjoyable. A local lender offers loan products to accommodate the short-term financing needs of homeowners. Property owners who want to submit an application for a loan contact Blue Trust Loans today for more details.